ENCE eSports and change CS:GO-ended

17 August 2016

The Finnish team "ENCE" there have been some changes. coach in the face of Jon "natu" Lepannen forced to play the role of the player in the upcoming championships, as the team left one of the major players - Alexi "alllu" Yalli. Recall that the Finnish sniper decided to continue his career in Europe "FaZe Clan" team.

Of course, this is not the first time that a coach different teams perform at a professional level. Previously, "Astralis" encountered problems on "ESL One: Cologne 2016", due to which they were forced to play with "zonic`om" which has served as a coach. But the experience of trainers as a player has stood out is not very productive. Take for example all of the same "zonic", which played in Cologne on Major-tournament championship game, he failed to say the least, but who knew that he had to play as a player challenges with health were spontaneously.

Perhaps the result of fourth place for "Astralis" and was quite good, as were the guys with two substitutions. By the way, on the European qualifying for the second season of "Star League" - the Danish team "Dignitas" also in the group stage was forced to seek the assistance of a trainer. Despite the fact that they were still able to get out of the group, the guys spent a lot of nerves, because even despite the fact that you're playing with the trainer, together you allow a large number of errors.

See the updated composition of the five Finnish we can to ESEA Premier Season 22 and LAN-tournament ESEA Global Premier Challenge in Katowice.

The new composition of "ENCE" command:

Miikka "suNny" Kemppi

Mikko "xartE" Valimaa

Juho "juho" Lampinen

Nico "naSu" Kovanen

Jon "natu" Lepannen