DreamHack Bucharest: Gambit and HellRaisers in qualifying

17 August 2016

"Gambit Gaming" and "HellRaisers" invited to the qualification to the "DreamHack Bucharest"

"DreamHack" published a list of eight teams invited to the closed selection, which will take place online on August 21. Among the participants there are two teams from the CIS: "Gambit eSports" and "HellRaisers". Note that both teams appear after the rest, for example to take the children from the "Gambit Gaming" they were a failure in the European qualifying, where they could not win a single game, thus they are not out in the group stage.

Of course, all this can be attributed to rest players, but then why would participate? The answer to this question, we learn vryatli. We look forward to qualifying for the closed "DreamHack Bucharest" we will see really played Russian five, which we observed in the Major-tournament in Cologne, where the children took the 8th position.

By eight teams already invited to the closed part of qualifying, join Eight teams, which will be able to overcome the barrier open qualifying, scheduled for 20 August.

Which teams will be invited directly by the organizers promise to tell in the coming days.

"DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest" will be held from 16 to 18 September in Bucharest, Romania. The prize fund is 100 000 dollars.

The list of teams participating in the training:

"Gambit eSports": (Dosia, AdreN, Hoochr, Spaze, Mou);

"HellRaisers": (Smike, Angel, Bondik, Zer0, STYKO);

"Team Dignitas": (MSL, cajunb, k0nfig, RUBINO, MSL);

"Team Kinguin": (innocent, MICHU, SZPERO, mouz, MINISE);

"Team-X": (Valde, Snappi, gla1ve, MODDI, Friis);

"Space Soldiers": (XANTARES, paz, nGIN, DESPE, TuGuX);

"Epsilon eSports": (REZ, draken, freddieb, disco_doplan, xelos);

"ENCE eSports": (suNny, xarTe, Juhob, naSu, natu).