flusha: Ready to start from scratch. Interview

18 August 2016

Robin flusha Rönnquist is a newly player of GODSENT, a Swedish team. Together with two other players KRiMZ and JW, he was in the players sharing package with Fnatic - the largest swap this summer. Fnatic team, Robin won dozens of tournaments, including 3 Major. flusha for several years ranked in the Top-10 of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players: in 2014 at the leading online voting was the second in the world, in 2015 - the fifth.

Achievements of Robin flusha Rönnquist

- During the Grand Final ELEAGUE Season 1 Virtus.Pro we suddenly saw the "emotional Fnatic". JW stated that the pressure was on the team test of friendship. It was actually the appearance of an old enmity in the team?

"At night, after the Grand-Finale of ELEAGUE was a split."

flusha: None. Never between the players of my old team was not enmity. Yes. There were a lot of strong feelings in line with certain differences in approach within the team.

- You already know that your trio (flusha, JW and KRiMZ) break away from olofmeister and dennis? Who first proposed the swap, and when?

flusha: At night, after the Grand Final ELEAGUE split. First I decided to leave and JW, later joined us KRiMZ.

- How well was that one group of players decided to represent Fnatic, and the second - to play for GODSENT? Who made the last call and how this process?

flusha: The decision largely came from me and JW (Jesper Wecksell), we really wanted to start building the future of our own team and play for something that is "ours".

KRiMZ'a have had the opportunity to stay in Fnatic, but he decided otherwise

- Do KRiMZ (Freddy Johansson) had the opportunity to go into GODSENT you and JW or in spite of the opportunity to rejoin the group Olof olofmeister Kajbjer. What in your opinion has predetermined its decision?

flusha: First of all, I would say that KRiMZ was originally a neutral party. The relationship with each of us was excellent. I think that his decision to join us influenced by a bunch of things. He is my good friend, as well as the JW. And the fact is that we had a real plan of how to achieve the success of the three of us together.

- Were there some other options for you three different from what eventually happened? And if so, what are the underlying motives were behind this swap?

flusha: It was an option number one for three of us, because we have already played with znajder and pronax. We decided that since we can achieve more together and have a "fan" from it.

- How did you survive the loss of a spot on the ESL Pro League Season 4? It was honest, unlike you Fnatic takes place in one of the biggest league?

flusha: We were ready to start the qualification tournament for all, to start from scratch. So that the loss of the Wild Card places on the ESL Pro League was not such a big loss for us. We could get the spot, but could not. The question is not "fair or not", it was what happened.

- You went from one of the largest organizations in the world in a team that belongs to the players. How do you think, what are the main changes you waiting for? The terms and conditions of daily life.

flusha: Nothing will change if we look at it through the eyes of fans. But we are all much more serious set of winning than when playing the game and had a living. In fact, the creation of the brand and the opportunity to go to CSGO and eSports in general acquire a completely new value. Even if it involves more work, it still eventually return.

Yuri Donchenko