Valve and the new rule regarding coaches [CS:GO]

18 August 2016

Today, the company Valve has sent letters to professional teams with the new rule. This time they decided to limit the dialogue between the coach and the team during the game. Based on the new rules, the coach will help the team only when you change sides, the warm-up and the break between the cards.

Such a decision by Valve shocked all professional players and coaches. Another interesting fact is that Valve, when it introduced a rule, failed to take into account some of the nuances. For example, they will control the team online during the championships? It is not clear.

Most likely, this rule applies only Major-tournaments, which are held with the help of Valve. But as for the rest of the tournament - Dreamhack, ESL One and others - perhaps they will not use this rule in their events. But say for certain is that we can not, so we will wait for information from both Valve, and by other organizers.

Speaking of change: at the upcoming Major-championship, which will take place in January 2017 increased the number of time-outs with two to four - they will last 30 seconds. The first tournament, which will take place under the supervision of a new rule from the "Valve" will be in October, in the framework of "ESL One New York", which will perform the best teams in Europe, as well as representatives of various other regions.

How will these changes to the team, which depended solely on the coach. For example, a large number of questions arise in how to play "Natus Vincere", because in most cases, they are fully enjoyed by experience Sergei "starix" Ischuk. In addition, they got rid of the best vnutreigrovogo leader - Daniel "Zeus" Teslenko. All results are based on these innovations we will see in the near future in various championships.