"Natus Vincere" and "SK Gaming" will training together

18 August 2016

Official website of "Born to Win" reports that their renovated structure will hold its first bootcamp outside Kiev base and travel to the United States, where the players of the "SK Gaming" already waiting for their joint training and show matches.

It is at this bootcamp Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev first time will be involved, who recently came to Natus Vincere G2A replace Daniel «Zeus» Teslenko. Brazilians of "SK Gaming" also will be trained in an unusual composition for their fans. The fact that Fernando «fer» Alvarenga forced to miss two months of operations and will be ready to play again until mid-September. Therefore, it is a place to temporarily occupies a former player Immortals - Gustavo «SHOOWTiME» Gonzalez.

Bootcamp two famous teams starts on August 23, and follow the course of events it can be on a special page. The first LAN-test after the planned bootcamp for "Born to Win" should be finals SL i-League StarSeries Season 2, which will be held September 7-11. But "SK-Gaming" previously said it will not attend the championship offline until fer not recover from their operations. Therefore, the closest tournament, where we can see the Brazilians live, become "ESL One New York", scheduled for the period from September 30 to October 2.

Note that online, we'll see, "Born to Win" before 23 August. "Na`Vi.G2A" is already number 20 will play against "G2 Esports" within the framework of the European division "ESL Pro League Season 4". That same day, an official s1mple debut in the new team. Start of the first match is scheduled for 17:30 Moscow time.