Natus Vincere will attend ESL One New York 2016

18 August 2016

"Born to Win" were awarded another direct invitation to the tournament in a series of "Intel Extreme Masters" and joined to the current list of participants of the championship.

Recall that just a week ago, a team from the CIS region was invited to another event, organized by the ESL Company - "ESL One New York 2016".

IEM Oakland in 2016 will be one of the first tournaments where "Natus Vincere" will play at the new lineup. Most recently, at the beginning of August, the CIS-team bought out the contract of Alexander «s1mple» Kostyleva in "Team Liquid". Young talent has replaced Daniel «Zeus» Teslenko and ready to reach new heights, especially the players are eager to become world champions. After all, for a long period, they are experiencing a problem with the second place.

The latest LAN-performances for "Na'Vi" steel ESL One Cologne in 2016 and ELEAGUE S1. However, at the championships in Cologne and Atlanta part of the CIS could not win triumph, finishing at 5-8 and 3-4, respectively.

Thus, only seven of the twelve invitations to Auckland tournament teams were delivered. The prize fund of "IEM Oakland", which matches will take place from 19 to 20 October, to this day remains unknown. The venue of the tournament will make Oracle Arena.

Here is the complete list of teams and players who will play in this tournament:

"G2 Esports": SmithZ, ScreaM, RpK, shox, bodyy;

"Team Liquid": Pimp, nitr0, Hiko, EliGE, jdm64;

"Ninjas in Pyjamas": GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, friberg, Xizt, disco doplan;

"Astralis": dupreeh, karrigan, device, Kjaerbye, Xyp9x;

"Virtus.Pro": Neo, Taz, Pasha, Snax, Byali;

"SK Gaming": fer, fnx, TACO, FalleN, coldzera;

"Natus Vincere": seized, s1mple, Edward, flamie, GuardiaN.