Dignitas and Team-X made their way to the LAN-finals of "Star League"

21 August 2016

The fate of vouchers in the next crucial phase of the "SL i-League StarSeries S2" decided in the match between "Team-X" and "HellRaisers". In previous games the Danish and Ukrainian teams dealt with the "FaZe Clan" and "Alternate aTTaX" respectively.

The standoff over access to LAN-finals began at the peak of "HellRaisers" - map de_dust2. "Team-X" possessed a slight advantage, but "HellRaisers" immediately clear the backlog, and even took the lead 3: 4. Ukrainian team was able to seize the initiative in the first half, so went to change sides with a margin of five points in 5:10.

Next "Team-X" held unbeaten in six rounds in length 11:10. "Hellraiser" lost control of the course of the match and soon the Danes seized three "MAP Point '15:11. "HellRaisers" tried to return to the fight, but X have the strength to put an end to the struggle on Dust2 16:14.

Selection of a Danish-Swedish roster fell on de_cobblestone card. "Hellraisers" prevailed in pistoletke, but "Team-X" implemented "force" and beat the opponent in four consecutive rounds of 5: 1. However, "HellRaisers" increased the pressure and quickly caught up, with the result that went into the attack being ahead 7:8.

A team from Denmark took a second pistol, on the Ukrainian team said the victorious series of 8:13. "HellRaisers" could not break through the defense of the enemy and X regularly cope with an opponent's aggression. The distribution of forces on the map completely changed, and therefore the Andreas "MODDII" Fried and his timmeyty not only equalized but also brought Cobblestone to the finish 16:14.

In the end, "Team Dignitas" and "Team-X" became the first winners of the European qualifying second season of SL i-League StarSeries. However, more remains third slot LAN-finals for the EU-member divisions, the owner of which will be the winner of "relegation-match." The decisive struggle will unfold between "Team EnVyUs" and "HellRaisers".