Announced ESWC 2016 with a prize pool of $75,000

21 August 2016

The organizers of the 2016 ESWC announced new details of the tournament, and also announced the qualification to it. The information was posted on the official website of the event. Was catechumens and the size of the prize fund of the event - 32 teams will compete for $ 75,000.

The prize fund of the championship has not changed compared to the previous year. In addition, there is information about how the teams will be able to get into the main part of the ESWC 2016.

The first way is the national qualification, which will be held in each country, which falls into the list of eligible organizers. At the moment, five of them are known. The first national qualifications took place in South Africa, where the strongest players have become "Bravado Gaming". The following countries, where exactly these qualifiers will take place are: Bulgaria, Portugal, France and Iran. According to the organizers, this list will be updated.

The second way is the regional online qualifiers. Together with the CEVO online qualification will be held for each of the regions. It is now known about the conduct of tournaments for the Western, Eastern and Southern Europe and Scandinavia.

The third and final way to get to the ESWC 2016 is the "Direct Selection". Any team can request a special website and organizing committee ESWCvyberet a few of them to participate in the main round of the championship.

The main part of the ESWC 2016 will be held in Paris from 27 to 30 October in the framework of the festival Paris Games Week 2016. In addition to the men's tournament, will be held the championship for girls in which they compete with each other $ 15,000.