Update CS: GO on 19/08/16

21 August 2016

Valve has decided to update the game client, this time the changes are not very many, but they are no less significant.

For example, added the sound of gunfire and recharge P2000 pistols, Glock, USP-S and Deagle. Just added a new case - Gamma Case # 2, which includes 17 new cosmetic types of weapons.

[CS: GO]

- Added 2 Gamma Case.


- New server in Peru.


- XRay player during surveillance is now becoming dim, unless the player utters nor any sounds.


- Returned team cl_avatar_convert_rgb previously used by the organizers of the tournament.


- Fixed a bug due to which the performance of the game decreased with low memory.


- Increased accuracy of sound and reduced distortion sounds from Glock, P2000, USP-S and Deagle. Also added new and unique sounds of firing and reload the weapon.