Agressif decided to leave the organization "LGD Gaming"

21 August 2016

The player became popular after a great performance at "The International 2016" as part of "CDEC", which reached the final, but they suffered a defeat from the "Evil Geniuses", which eventually became the owners of the coveted aegisa. However, "The Shanghai Major" was so poorly compared to TI for the Chinese team, and in particular for "CDEC", so cyber sportsman accepted an offer from the "LGD Gaming" and decided to play with more established players, such as Zhang "xiao8" Ning, Yao "Maybe" Lou, and others.

During the time spent in the team - "LGD Gaming" have become quite strong and unpleasant team to rivals in terms of the game, but poor performance at "The International 2016" forced the leadership to change the composition of the Chinese team.

At the moment, no one knows where to continue his career as a Chinese player, and there is no information about the fifth player in the "LGD Gaming". All to play for in the period from 4 to 18 September, when the organizations will be necessary to provide the final composition to Valve. It should be noted that innovations from Valve's teams will determine the composition and players for two weeks. The next transfer period will take place soon, but after about the first Major-tournament. Recall that the "Valve's" decided this season to spend only 2 Major level of the tournament, as they realized that "The Shanghai Major 2016" was a failure. Thus Asia, we will not watch the new season.

Current members "LGD Gaming":

Zhang «Xiao8» Nin

Xue «September» Chzhichuan

Yao «Maybe» Lu

Lei «MMY» Tszenzhun