Tips for gamers on how to avoid serious injuries in professional e-sports. An interview with a sports doctor

23 August 2016

The subject of conversation among many, for sure, will cause ridicule and misunderstanding. However, the vote at least about: how much effort, time and money was spent on the preparation of the usual professional gamer and you will be no laughing matter.

Aleš Freeze Kněžínek was unable to finish the regular season League of Legends because of injury

Recently, there was an increase in tram professional gamers, because of which the team lost their key players and were dropped in the rankings. One need only mention the name of Olof olofmeister Kajbjer Gustafsson, brush a hand injury which led to the refusal to participate in tournaments and lowering Fnatic team rankings. And this case is rather a trend rather than an isolated fact. ESports develops, and with it there and the typical problems of the traditional sports. Injuries at tournaments and training camps - one of big sport characters. Below, we have some important advice and guidance from a sports physician who engaged in e-sports athletes. These tips can be used in games and newcomers, because the damage may not only deprive you of the opportunity to play, but also isolated from family, favorite work, and other issues.

Olof olofmeister injury pursued since 15 years, when he injured his knee and stopped playing football

"Most of the injuries could have been prevented eSports"

According to our doctor, the majority of injuries during training and performances at competitions could prevent correct advice and formal cautions. Simple rules warming up, stretching, and the alternation of exercise and rest do not require super-knowledge. Such injuries as a push and collision - half of all cases of injury to athletes in eSports.

"Shock and collision - half of all cases of injury esports gamers"

While science is not clearly established, whichever is the maximum time for games and training in e-sports. But many pro players try not to play more than 10 hours per day, 6-7 days a week. Of course, this rule can be ignored by those who from a young age is engaged in sports and has the appropriate training, including supervised sports doctor.

"Pro-gamers are trying not to play more than 10 hours a day"

Again reliable studies yet, but, according to our doctor, whom we interviewed, proper warm-up of the hand in most cases definitely helps to avoid the hand injury during the game. Statistics stubbornly shows that after 2-4 years of studying professional eSports gamers in many CSGO and LOL are numerous problems with the brush, although these injuries are trying not to advertise publicly. The most common injury is carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis of various origins.

Tips and Tricks

Further specialist gave a few short, but intensive advice for the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries in competitive players.

- Stick to a reasonable balance between the game, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and safety precautions in the preparation and tournaments.
- A good warm-up before exercise and play to prevent most injuries
- Excessive energy drinks, coffee, sweet tea and other stimulants uniquely harms both your digestion and your game.
- Your health is definitely better if you give up smoking, alcohol and any drugs or stimulants.
- Healthy deep sleep - the foundation of your successful sports career.
- Balance training and leisure time with friends outside of computer networks - that is the benchmark for the novice gamer.

Yuri Donchenko