ECS Development League - first details

23 August 2016

Tournament organizers have named the eight teams that will compete in the European and North American qualification for the right to participate in the second Esports Championship Series season.

Very little remains before the start of the main part of the ECS S2. The group stage of the championship, where teams compete with each other on the permit LAN-finals will begin in October this year. However, as the list of participants has not yet staffed, in September, the audience will witness the matches ECS Dev.League.

ECS Development League - League, divided into two divisions, and may contain the sixteen different compositions. One half of the teams received a direct invitation, and the other - took the road of online qualifiers.

The tournament grid of North America's two strongest roster to meet with groups that are at the end of last season ranked last and next to last place in the group stage. The winners of these games will provide an outlet to the main qualifying stage on the LAN-finals. It is worth mentioning that the organization SK Gaming lost the ECS slot member, signing contracts with the ex-LG players. Thus, the composition of the Brazilian route will pass through ECS Dev.League.

The situation in the European division is somewhat otherwise. The team that wins in qualifying, will go straight into the next stage of events. The second and third places, in turn, will have to play against EU-compounds that finished in 8th and 9th place standings in the first season.

Recall that a triumphant first season Esports Championship Series began from the French G2 Esports. The prize fund of the second part of the championship will be 1 750 000 US dollars.