DOTA 2 in the penultimate place. Top 50 best video games of all time by Time magazine

24 August 2016

It does not matter whether you are playing video games or not, they have become an integral part of our culture. Counter-Strike, DOTA, League of Legends, Tetris and Super Mario have become as iconic brands of modern mass culture, like the Beatles or Michael Jackson. The technical department of the world-famous Time magazine had ranked among the 150 nominees in the field of video games over the past four decades, and has selected the best 50 of them.

On top of Time magazine experts predict the development of Soviet computer scientist Alexey Pajitnov - Tetris.

Tetris - is a representative of the puzzle game is now available on almost all platforms. The game received a mass distribution through the Japanese company and unique gameplay, which evaluated the millions of gamers around the world. The name Tetris is derived from the number of (4) cells, which consisted of each block game pieces. Tetris was created back in 1984 on the computer Electronics-60. For the IBM PC 16-year-old Vadim Gerasimov rewrote it in Turbo Pascal. Later Hungarian entrepreneur decided to agree with the creator of the game license for sale worldwide. But Pajitnov Tetris gave him, giving the free market.

"Pajitnov gave Tetris the world free"

So the whole world has learned about the famous Soviet development. American developers Tetris improved in terms of graphics and sound. And the company Nintendo has managed to take advantage of the imperfection of the legislation for the mass distribution of this game. Alexey Pajitnov in 1996 settled down to Microsoft and the last 10 years working on a multiplayer version of Tetris games. about 70 million physical copies and more than 100 million copies for cell phones: 170 million copies of the game were sold in 2010.

In second place was the legendary game Super Mario 64.

Developer Nintendo EAD released this game in 1996 for its 64-bit game console Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64 became part of the Mario series. Total as of 2003 has sold over 11 million copies of the game. Introduced in the Guinness Book of Records.

As can be seen from the complete ranking of Time magazine, one of the most popular eSports games DOTA 2 according to magazine professionals it was at the 49th place. The first esports games DOOM (4th place) and Quake (14th place) were in the top twenty. StarCraft II - 26th place, and the first version of Counter-Strike - at the 15th place.

Time - the most popular American magazine, published weekly in the United States since 1923. Circulation - more than 3.4 million copies.

Yuri Donchenko