Ninjas in Pyjamas received $ 600,000 dollars of investment

25 August 2016

Founded in 2000 the Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas, or simply the NiP, became the team to which the equal not only in Sweden. And although in 2007, the team seemed to be dead, but in 2012 it rose from the grave to please their fans.

Over the years it has evolved into a legendary umbrella brand classic eSports. Under its umbrella are not only professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also other groups. Not so long ago was signed roster Overwatch. Previously, the team behind the flags were DotA players and League of Legends. Ninja Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund and Patrick f0rest Lindberg led the team Ninjas in Pyjamas achieved significant victories. One of the latest was a victory in the tournament DreamHack Masters Malmö in 2016, where they won a trophy and $ 100,000 dollars, playing in the final against Natus Vincere 2: 0.

Achievements Ninjas in Pyjamas

The team, which began as a club of enthusiasts, now has $ 2.1 million dollars per year turnover. But only on the income gains in the sports organization of the tournament is not enough. Income from merchandising and gaming accessories may not improve the situation. Profit for 2015 was only $ 83,000 dollars. Therefore, the management of organization announced the release of securities totaling $ 600,000 dollars. The entire array of 500 shares bought back entirely the Norwegian Venture Company Nyx Ventures. Now, the estimated value of the company was $ 12.5 million.

"The estimated cost of Ninjas in Pyjamas was $ 12.5 million"

Earlier, Ninjas in Pyjamas belonged to E-Sports Production AB, which went bankrupt. Furthermore, the owner has been condemned as a swindler. And since the beginning of 2014 the Norwegian company controlled NiP Digilife. In spite of this organization Ninjas in Pyjamas continued meager existence. Last year, shareholders sacked the CEO and the entire management of the organization after the publication of that players do not get paid a salary. According to the annual report of the company, these errors are eliminated.

Plans for the future of the sports organization sufficiently ambitious.

"We solved the problems of the previous management. Our company is well prepared for future growth. We will continue to increase in one of the major brands of the world of eSports. We continue to remain pioneers in e-sports, and invest in our business, focusing on content, distribution, merchandising and partnership agreements (branding). "
Hicham Chahine

The main shareholder of the sports organization is the legendary Counter-Strike player Emil HeatoN Christensen, the company which HeatoN Holding, has a share of 4,500 shares. Digilife owns 4,000 shares.

Yuri Donchenko