Fnatic were invited to ESL One New York

28 August 2016

Despite the changes in "Fnatic" team, they still received an invitation from the organizers of the notorious "ESL One". Recall that in early August, the team "GODSENT" and "Fnatic" decided to exchange players. Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson, Simon "twist" Eliasson, John "wenton" Erickson - these players will now be to protect the banners "Fnatic".

By the way, for the upcoming Major-tournament, which is scheduled to take place in January 2017, the team Fnatic will undergo training. Since the three players of the basic structure, namely Robin "flusha" Ronkvest, Jesper "JW" Bill, Freddie "KRiMZ" Johansson decided to continue his career in "GODSENT", thus guaranteeing itself invites it for this team. An interesting fact is that John "wenton" Eriksson has played for "Fnatic", since replaced Olof "olofmeister" Kaybera who experienced problems with the hand.

The organizers will soon announce two more trips to the owners of the tournament. Event itself is scheduled to go from 1 to 2 October in New York, America.

Thus, this tournament will be the first offline test of the updated composition of the Swedish "Fnatic". For some other groups of this LAN-tournament will also be a challenge, since it is not only the Swedes pribeli to replacements.

The list of invited teams at the moment:

"Fnatic": (Olofmaister, dennis, wenton, Lekr0, twist;

"G2 Esports": ScreaM, RpK, shox, SmithZZ, byy);

"Team Liquid": jdm64, Pimp, nitr0, EliGe, HiKo;

"Natus Vincere": Seized, GuardiaN, Edward, Flamie, Simple;

"SK Gaming": FalleN, coldzera, fnx, TACO, SHOOWTiME;

"Virtus.pro" (Pasha, Neo, Byali, Taz, Snax).