Jumpy: "It's always nice to have the support of the smart people"

28 August 2016

Earlier this week, Fnatic team presented new coach staff - Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtshona, after it became aware of the passage of Victor "vuggo" Zhendebyu to the role of manager and analyst in the team.

The new composition of the Swedes have already started on the ESL Pro League, which produced 3 wins in 4 games SP1 questionnaires.

The coach gave an interview to the renewed collective HLTV portal, in which he spoke about his time in Fnatic, the nuances of his role in the team as the new structure is adapted to each other, and much more!

Translation of the interview:

What do you think, why you are invited to become a coach of a new team?

I olofmeister dennis and like a coach who has a rich experience of captaincy in the past. wenton (new in-game team leader - ed.) does not have the baggage of knowledge at the moment.

Given the inexperience Wenton, is it possible that the first stage of building a team - you will have a greater impact?

Yes, I think over time wenton take a more active position as a full co-ordinator. Or Valve cancel your new rule regarding the coaches and we'll leave it at that.

Since you touched on this topic, please tell us about his attitude to this innovation.

I do not like this rule, because I feel that this is a step backwards. I believe that coaches can help make the scene even more competitive.

Changed-whether your work with Fnatic plan after they learned about the changes?

I was invited to the team about the same length of time, so I knew what initially will require the team. I will do my best to help the team, even if I can not perform such an active role in the game.

vuggo I mentioned in a recent podcast that he will work with you when it comes to demos analysis and strategies. And also you will have a staff of analysts behind the scenes. What does this mean for you?

Always nice to have the support of smart people who can find or see things differently. I knew vuggo for several years, he is a smart man, and I'm glad to work with him.

You have already played their first official match and had some practice as the team interacts with each other?

Our game was a little shaky, but this is a new team with new positions and a new coach, so it is very damp. In any case, I feel like we adapt to each other. The game is improving every day.

ESL One New York, most likely, will debut on the LAN finals for Fnatic. You have time to get in shape?

I think that we spend all the time on training for a major tournament.

Before you become a player Escape, you had to spend their coach. How different the role of coordinator and coach in-game leader?

The Escape I do not fully coordinated, as a coach. Just give some background information that the team saw and pointed out errors. When I started playing with them, he took the lead. Regarding the role of coordinating the coach, I was the leader aliGon (Lemondogs) on the minor. This experience is very useful because from behind the players do you see playing the big picture and can dispose of this information.

Say a few words in conclusion?

I would like to thank Fnatic and the guys from the team for the opportunity to play with them!