New tournament for Dota 2 from the organizers EPICENTER: Moskow

28 August 2016

he company "Epic Esports Events" - organizer of sensational championship EPICENTER: Moscow - together with the platform "FaceIT" hold the eighth season of online tournament "Dota 2 Champions League". The new version of "Dota 2 Champions League" is significantly different from its predecessors, especially the scale. was $ 50,000, now this amount has been reduced by 10 times the prize pool last season's competition: comparison. This difference is explained by the fact that now "EPICENTER" takes higher priority in the list of projects "Epic Esports Events". Nevertheless, the organizers decided to keep the "life" "D2CL", providing an opportunity to take part in amateur and semi-professional teams.

Just wanted to tell a few words about the new season, and in particular that "the Dota 2 Champions League Season 8" will be held according to the following system. To determine the main participants of the tournament "FaceIT" hold open 4 qualification (the first one kicks off this Monday, you can register by going to the official website of the game platform "FaceIT"). In 2 of the strongest team from each qualification will be admitted to the stage of the playoffs.

In addition to the 8 winners of the open qualifiers, still 8 teams will receive direct invitations from the organizers. Thus, the 16 teams will participate in the playoffs D2CL Season 8, which will be held in the format of "single elimination" (without the bottom of the grid). The prize fund of the Event, as has already been written a little earlier, is $ 5,000.