The World Championship 2016: The draw for the group stage

04 September 2016

Today, "The World Championship in 2016," the organizers announced the draw for the group stage of European qualification. The first matches will be held on August 30 and will end - 4 September.

In the European qualifying stage, we will not see the Ukrainian national team, so the guys could not get through to this stage, losing key matches. The Russian national team is one of the main favorites of the qualifying stage, given that the guys took second place at the last World Championship teams for CS:GO.

By the way, it should be noted that their composition for the next qualification before the Russian team announced. Compared to last year it remained unchanged. Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov from year to year, becoming captain and has already announced four players who will be with him to fight for victory at this World Cup.

Recall that this event prize pool of $ 150,000. They were players "Natus Vincere" - Denis "seized" and Egor Kostin "flamie" Vasilyev and his timeyt of "Gambit Gaming" - Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov. The final composition of the party Giorgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin, currently good shows itself in the role of a sniper while playing for the "FlipSid3 Tactics".

The draw for the group stages as follows:

Group A: France national team, the national team of the Netherlands, Lithuania / Danish national team, the national team of Estonia;

Group B: the Russian team, the Belgian national team, the Turkish national team, national team of Iceland;

Group C: Poland's national team, the national team of Kazakhstan, Norway's national team, the national team of Portugal;

Group D: Germany's national team, the Swedish team, the Finnish national team, the team of Spain.