Sergei "Starix" Ischuk: S1mple should adjust to us, because the role of "second AWP» performs seized

04 September 2016

Starix, hello! You just recently returned from the US bootcamp, which was supported by sponsorora team, the company's HyperX. Are you satisfied with the results of bootcamp? How many total cards you played against the Brazilians SK-Gaming?

How would you rate the current adaptation s1mple our team on a scale?

- Hi! Yes, that's right, thanks to the company for the opportunity HyperX and interesting bootcamp. The results of training are not entirely satisfied, we had a very busy schedule. We played about eight cards with SK-Gaming for all time sharing bootcamp. Sasha adapts very well as a team. How many points on a scale? I think that at nine!

The main scorer in Na`Vi remains GuardiaN, second - seized, and s1mple will play mainly without AWP. You have decided not to change anything in terms of using the AWP? What caused such a decision? Can I say that with the arrival of the team Sasha, our CS: GO composition as a whole will play faster and more aggressive?

- I s1mple come in already formed a team that plays together for a long time. That is why we decided that Sasha should adjust to us, because the role of "second AWP» on some maps have takes Denis. "Young talent" in our style of play will not be affected! (Laughs)

(Starix provides valuable guidance to our play CS: GO composition)

In early September, all the residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital will be able to see Natus Vincere in action on StarLadder I-League Finals in Ukraine Palace. What to expect from this season? Naturally, the problem of "maximum" - a victory in the tournament, whether there is a problem "at least"? Against some teams you in Kiev will be the most difficult?

- By the way, yes! We invite everyone to this wonderful tournament, it will be very cool! This is the first LAN-championship after the upgrade of our staff - is train, get in shape after the holidays and a trip to America. As usual, the most difficult to be against themselves.

Parish s1mple in Natus Vincere - very loud news for professional CS: GO scene, however, is not the only high-profile in August. His compositions are also very radically changed Fnatic and GODSENT, Swedish organizations exchanged players. Who eventually won after these permutations? On paper, it seems that Godsent, however, you have any thoughts on this? What can you say about Lekr0, twist and wenton? What to expect from a coach Jumpy?

- Many, if not all, we were surprised by this change, and in part can not understand why this was done, but, of course, the Swedes know best. We played a training session with both collectives after all these changes - I can say that Fnatic and GODSENT now look roughly equal in strength. Who will be stronger in the race? Only time will answer ...

(In large tournaments full concentration must be not only the players, but the coach)

Some time ago the whole prostsenu stirred up the news that Valve greatly limited the ability of coaches on their LAN-tournaments. It is made a US company? According to them, the reception command and tactical decisions in the game - the prerogative of the players and it is also one of the indicators of the general skill of the player. I agree with this? How to change your work with the children after these decisions from Valve?

- At the moment, almost all outraged by this decision the company Valve. Players sent to the company's "joint" letter on this subject, want to discuss c Valve these new rules, so expect some changes in the near future. In the meantime, no changes, everything remains the same: I coordinate and we are waiting for an answer to a collective letter.

After the Kiev tournament StarLadder I-League, you go to New York for ESL ONE, and later arriving in the Russian capital on EPICENTER: Moscow. The team plans another bootcamp before some of these championships? In what mode you are currently exercising, and in what mode will be trained to the aforementioned championships?

- Yes, that's right, we have a lot ahead of important matches + tournament online at the ESEA league. We have a very busy schedule, train for seven or eight hours a day. On the eve of the LAN-tournaments we will look at the general state of the team - if there will be forces to bootcamp - of course we organize!

Thank you for your answers and for being found for them soon! Good luck on finals Kiev StarLadder i-League!

- And thank you. Cheer for the team, and we will do our best to make our fans happy in the upcoming tournaments!