Starladder i-league: List of Russian casters and analysts

04 September 2016

Before the start of LAN-finals of the second season StarLadder CS: GO StarSeries remains less than a week. As early as next Wednesday the 16 best teams in Counter Strike: Global Offensive will meet in Kiev Palace "Ukraine" in the fight for the champion's cup and an impressive prize fund of 300 000 dollars. We present our list of talents that within five days of play will cover you for events occurring on the tournament.

The Russian-language broadcast finals StarSeries will work well known to fans of CS: GO team of commentators and analysts:

Antonina «Tonya» Predko

Stepan «DonStepan» Shulga

Alexander «petr1k» Petrik

Alex «xaoc» Kucherov

Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov

Michael «0kr0ha» Shmygel

Igor «SL4M» Sopov

Taufik «tafa» Khidr

Fedor «KvaN» Zakharov

Konstantin «leniniw» Sivko

Yuri «Strike» Tereshchenko

Alexander «HomeR» Lysenko

SLTV CS: GO StarSeries will be held for five days - from 7 to 11 September. The first two days of LAN-tournament will take place in a studio format, without the presence of spectators, and on Friday, 9 September to Sunday 11 September for the fights can be observed from the comfortable visual hall of the palace "Ukraine". It should be noted personalities such as Ivan "Johnta" Shevtsov, who at the moment is "HellRaisers" team coach.

By the way with him the results of the team went up, they were able to show a good game online, even managed to beat the "Fnatic". In general, it will be interesting to listen to his analyst about matches involving the best teams in Europe. Do not forget that the "Hellraiser" also will participate in this tournament.