The new update of the season in the Overwatch.

04 September 2016

Yesterday evening it was possible to pre-load the update Overwatch, which, by the way, turned out to be a highly anticipated in the community. What has brought this new update? The second season of competitive matches!

The second season brought with it a lot of improvements and innovations in the competitive mode. The most important transformation was the change in the rating system. If previously measured rating in the range from 1 to 100, currently allocated to the rating from 1 to 5000!

Another important innovation was the gradual reduction of the rating for inactive: the players, whose rating exceeds 3000 points, will have to win back at least one match per week to prevent automatic reduction in their ratings. If your absence has exceeded 7 days, then every 24 hours, your ranking will drop to 50 points.

The countdown is immediately after your last competitive game. Ultimately, your rating may not fall below 3000 points. For the victory in one match your ranking will increase in the amount of 10 points.

Besides increasing the rated range of developers rank system has been added. Each value rating is now tied his own rank, which is visible to other players. Here is the distribution of ranks:

In addition, now in Overwatch is a restriction on the union in the group to participate in competitive matches. Now players of "Bronozovogo" rank up "Diamond" can not play with each other, if their rating is characterized by more than 1000 points. The same restriction applies to "Higher" and "Elite" status, but for them the difference in the rating should not be more than 500 points.