Jackie "EternalEnvy" Mao: "I will create its own brand"

04 September 2016

Jackie "EternaEnvy" Mao, a former player of Team Secret for Dota 2, in the podcast hotpants! He announced plans to create their own eSports organization.

"I will build my own team, will build their own brand. This year I wanted to play with their children instead of tried to play with established competitive players, "- said Mao.

The player also spoke about relations within the Secret and the atmosphere in the team, which has developed since winning The Shanghai Major in 2016.

"After Shanghai Major our team was already dead. We feel that nothing can no more win (this composition), "- said the Canadian cyber sportsman.

According to him, the arrival of Arthur «Arteezy» Babayev and CAAX «Universe» Arora did not help the team, but only aggravated her condition. At The Manila Major 2016 team finished last, pointing to the time his worst result of the season.

"Honestly, (then) we were just crap in Dota. We were shitty team. We played very slowly, none of our team build idea or not worked, "- described the Team Secret speech on Mao" major label ".

Cybersportman also said that before the start of The International Team Secret 2016 players not trained for about a month. As a result, the team won the 13-16-th place in the final protocol. Immediately following on the Dota 2 team of the World Cup was disbanded.

Jackie Mao is not the first professional player who is going to open his own eSports organization. Previously, their projects in e-sports have already launched a few players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Astralis they founded the organization, GODSENT and Heroic and become their shareholders.