Black and his new team formed "Faceless" [Dota 2]

04 September 2016

German player Dominik "of Black" Rightmire long been known for its wandering the world in search of the perfect team on the scene Dota 2. This time, his feet brought him to South East Asia, where, together with such masters of their craft, Daryl "iceiceice" Koch " Jen NutZ Ian Wong "Dominique" of Black "Rightmire try to re-build a team that can fight for the top places. To help them in this also will not be the most famous players in the face of fact "Xy-" Wai Hong and Anuchi "Jabz" Dzhivaronga.

The debut of the new team will be held at the tournament "ROG Masters" this month, and more particularly in September. It will be very interesting to look at how much progress will achieve the collective benefit of the composition seems to be quite militant. Also, do not forget that the "Black" has experience of performances in the Asian region, so Dominic pretty successfully held for six months under the banner of "Vici Gaming". But after a while he played for obscure mixes both European and other regions. The last major command for him to become "Fnatic".

In this team he spent a lot of time not because the results were disastrous and organization, together with the players decided to cease cooperation with Dominic "Black" Rightmire. The climax of his career in Dominica was part of "Vici Gaming", with this team, he achieved a lot of achievements, showed his best side.

The composition of the "Team Faceless" is as follows:

Dominik "Black" Rightmire

Anucha "Jabz" Dzhivarong

Daryl "iceiceice" Koch

Jen "NutZ" Ian Wong

That "Xy-" Wai Hong