Power Rangers: another loss for Dota 2 composition

04 September 2016

Today, another player left the composition of the Belarusian organization "Power Rangers". More precisely, this time in the role of initiator of parting made the team: from the roster was dropped Dulat «goddam» Seydimomyn, which held in "Power Rangers" the last six months - Dulat joined the "Power Rangers" after "HellRaisers" decay. This is the second appearance of Power Range Table reshafflov: a few days before the team left Turtoi "Arise" Ionut. Romania supports the "Power Rangers" in February this year. By the way, the player has demonstrated dramatic results on the center line, but with time the results put a little worse.

Causes of law-care from the aforementioned players are quite obvious: in the second half of the last "Power Rangers" season is not made virtually no progress. The team missed all LAN-tournaments, unsuccessfully addressed the important qualifications, including the preliminaries to the Major-Event and The International 2016. Since the end of last year's "World Championship Dota 2» Power Rangers have won only two small online tournament - WellPlay Invitational # 1 and NoShang Invitational.

Tomorrow, the first phase of the transfer ends September 4 period, starting from September 5 to the players will not be able to leave without consequences their teams, and the team - kick players. On September 18 last reshaffla second stage - the stage of acquisition of the compositions. September 18 All rosters will be blocked and will start the new season in Dota 2.

Current members of "Power Rangers":

Eugene «ChshrCt» Kostroma

Alex «j4» Lipai

Daniel «Bignum» Shekhovtsov