Why zews won as a coach. Interview on Northern Arena 2016

05 September 2016

Wilton "zews" Prado is not the first time wins. In 2015, he became the best coach of Brazil in the category "The Best National Revelation of 2015". Then he coached the Games Academy. Furthermore Games, his talent zews attached to Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming. He is now in Immortals with July 2016. And shortly before that (June 1st) Immortals players acquired from the legendary Tempo Storm by owner Andrey Yanyuk.

zews in Luminosity Gaming hoodie

During the third round of the Grand Finals Northern Arena 2016 was a long delay in the game, while the administrators and the team decided not to beat the third card Overpass. As it turned out, Henrique "HEN1" Teles is not tightly closed headphones with noise canceling ear. In addition, Enrique totally fluent in English. The match at absolutely (16:12 de_cobble, 12:16 de_train) began anew. And it was the high point for the coach!

HEN1 enjoys winning as a kid!

- Mad final series between you and Cloud9 completed. How did you do it?

zews: Each of us has shown his game throughout the tournament, not just today. The players did a great job, all the same LAN-finals - is a completely different game than online. Today was a lot of pressure, aggression and all just happy it!

The first map we kicked off much, but then there was a small mistake. Thank God, I made both within the team leader really well and we completed relatively easily. But on the second map we probably over-rested, and lost both pistol rounds. As a result - 16:13 not in our favor.

The third map, we began a strong jerk. After a series of mistakes made hen1 frantic clutch, leading to errors Cloud9.

- Immortals always had an emotional team. What did you do to resolve the issue in the last couple of rounds?

zews: One thing I've learned in SK and now Immortals is that emotion - one of the best things that we have. They charge and motivate us. At the same time, they can "double-edged sword", especially in tense moments. So we prepared emotionally enough. When you "at the peak" we should be able to calm their nerves and to play a more or less in the European style. Perfect emotional balance allowed us to reach the top.

Yuri Donchenko