Players Wings left part of the official website registration instructions from Valve [Dota 2]

07 September 2016

Today, The International 2016 champions have followed all the major organizations in China and disbanded its membership in the Team registration page.

Recall that a few days ago suddenly, almost all clubs, including Vici Gaming, Newbee, LGD Gaming and other commands., Remained without players at Valve System. As it turned out, the compositions were disbanded not really - quite otherwise local team, acting in collusion with each other, we decided to "cleanse" their rosters. In fact, a joint decision was taken in order to protect the interests of the organizations, as well as to extend the period reshaffla - now the team can negotiate permutations up to 18 numbers when the transfer window closes. In fact, most of the players will continue to perform under the same tag.

This was made possible thanks to the new rules of the transfer: September 4, players have the right to leave their team, and the team - players excluded without any reasons and consequences. After that date, the clubs may invite former members back with their consent. This means that the output of a player from the roster at Valve system does not mean that this player really left composition.

Be that as it may, the participation in this action Wings Gaming, probably means that the team and its members are not sure of the composition of the future and does not exclude the possibility of changing it. Maybe some players decided to go to another club, therefore all participants Wings Gaming were forced to withdraw from the roster at Valve system to give yourself room to maneuver.