Evil Geniuses will completely change your Dota 2 structure?

07 September 2016

Today, the last two players - Saahill "UNiVeRsE" Arorra and Peter "ppd" Daguerre - were excluded from the roster Evil Geniuses online registration instructions. Earlier, from the composition were also removed Clinton "Fear" and Ludwig Lumiz "zai" Wahlberg; Side Samael "SumaiL" Hassan, according to information from the official website registration, himself left the team. SumaiL recently said he wants to make a five-month break in his career, however, against the background of recent events do not take the words at face value Pakistani. Neither the organization, nor do cyberspotman had no immediate comment on the situation.

Thus, under the tag Evil Geniuses at the moment there was no one. However, this fact is not yet evidence that the composition of the bronze medal The International 2016 is actually disbanded. With all the recent rumors that the club is planning to open a second team, many believe that now the team goes through a process of re-branding - this explanation seems reasonable. Perhaps the players just want to organize themselves room for maneuver in case someone really decides to leave the team - the first time such an initiative showed Chinese organizations. Whatever it was, as the "Evil Genius" continue to remain silent, we can only guess that spodviglo Evil Geniuses in the dissolution of the composition at Valve System.

Today, 4 September, ending the first stage of the transfer period. Starting tomorrow the players will not be able to leave their team, and the team - to expel players. Violation of this rule Valve, as before, will be deprived of potential invites to Major-tournaments. However, the players who have left the first one or the other team, may return to it before September 18 (the day of termination reshaffl).