HastaLaVista signed a good CS:GO-composition

07 September 2016

HastaLaVista known fact that this is the first Danish team officially moved to CS: GO in CS: S, Denmark which was the strongest country in the discipline. This team career in Global Offensive began such famous players as a community ruggah, cajunb, Pimp, MSL and HUNDEN. Soon composition was disbanded due to lack of results on the international stage, and the players moved to the more famous teams on the world stage. Today, the community CS: GO has learned that HastaLaVista returned to the pro-scene, which will play a part in Nico, Nille and EXR.

Nicholas "Nico" Jensen is considered one of the best snipers start becoming CS: GO. In 2013 th Nico went down in history as the best shooter of the year, according to the authoritative portal HLTV. In September 2015 a talented player took a break in his career, after Andreas "znajder" Lindberg replaced it in the active roster Dignitas. Exactly one year later, Nico returns and will act as a regular sniper team.

Nicholas "Nille" Busk - talented Danish player, budding promising team in Western Wolves, where he played together with Nico in his best time career. In 2014 he received the VAC-ban, that, according to the player's account hacking investigation intruders. Ban from Valve expired on May 1 this year and 20-year-old Dane is back on the pro scene. Another player on the team was Nikolai "EXR" Terkildsen who got his fame speaking on two major`ah composed Reason Gaming.

Active ingredients HastaLaVista:

Benjamin "sunshine" Nielsen

Sebastian "Basso" Aagaard

Nicholas "Nille" Busk

Nicholas "Nico" Jensen

Nikolai "EXR" Terkildsen