Team AGG disbanded its membership for CS: GO

07 September 2016

Announcement quite unexpected, since the AGG, recently held reshafl, after leaving rallen`a and Furlan`a, signing former player PRIDE - Paul "reatz" Yanchaka and Camille "kamil" Kaminski, who moved to the role of the player from the post of coach of the team. Following changes in the composition, the band played at the GG Masters, where he managed to leave the group and reach the semi-finals, losing to eventual champion.

In a statement to the portal "", the owner of "the AGG" reported that "in the light of the new rules from Valve's", the organization decided to move away from the discipline of "CS: GO", that in the future to start "from scratch" to get used to this discipline. Unfortunately, one Polish team in the eSports scene became less.

"Today we announce the dissolution of our staff for" CS: GO ". They were part of our organization and have made us who we are today we have worked well over the past year with the team." CS: GO "and we hope to return to this discipline in the near future, but at this point we wish good luck to our former players and thank them for their hard work playing for "AGG". we inform our fans that we will definitely return, and we will continue to move forward. Thank you all from the heart for the support during the year! " - Commented Brandon Spearman, the owner of "AGG".

It is also known that Paul "reatz" Yanchak and Camille "kamil" Kaminski will continue his career as a player in the "PRIDE", and Bartosz "Hyper" Vulni it takes the post of coach. Dominic "GruBy" Swiderski and Piotr "peet" Chkvlinski currently are free agents. It would be desirable that these players continued to play and show the best results.