Invictus Gaming: R0tk, Burning will be included in the new structure? [Dota 2]

07 September 2016

n the vastness of the Chinese social network, word spread about the new composition "Invictus Gaming". According to information received, under the tag of the command can come 5 star players that are now free agents, according to data from the registration site. Three of them were in league roster Invictus Gaming sample 2012. So, we are talking about such veterans of the Chinese DotA, China, China, CN Hu "BurNIng" Zhiley, Luo "Ferrari_430" Feychi, Bai "rOtk" Fang, Zheng "Faith" Honda and Vung "ChuaN" Hock Chuan.

Despite the fact that the reliability of these data set is not yet possible, they do not contradict the earlier rumors that ChuaN plans to return to the ranks of the Invictus Gaming, to act in a new side-by-side with the season "Ferrari_430". By the way, Malaysian denied this information - he says that the organization is still being negotiated long and yet he himself has no intention to move in Invictus Gaming. However, completely exclude such a possibility can not be: the recently collective "Newbee" left Chen "Hao" Nikko, and after it can withdraw and Zhang "Mu" Pan - a turn of events could significantly alter the balance of power on the stage and make "ChuaN" reconsider their priorities.

As for the other defendants in these rumors. Before the transfer period "Faith" was the team "TongFu", but a couple of weeks ago, the composition of this club has been completely dissolved in the registration site (even before the organization in China have agreed to bypass Valve system, and now the fate of the player is unknown.

In addition, it is unclear whether in fact BurNIng & rOtK free agents: over the past few months, they were in favor of "Vici Gaming", but against the backdrop of recent events in China is difficult to see what players will continue to play in the same team, and which will be transferred to new teammates. The same goes for Ferrari_430.