Announced a new championship in the discipline of CS:GO

07 September 2016

Organizers of the regular North American online tournament called the Canada Cup in cooperation with The Canadian League of Gamers LAN-hold major championships in Montreal, Canada. The new tournament called Northern Arena BEAT Invitational, LAN-finals it planned to conduct for the period from 11 to 13 November this year. The prize fund has increased significantly compared to the competition series Canada Cup: participants of the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational, which according to preliminary information will be 8, compete with each other 100 thousand dollars!

Championship traditionally begin with open qualifications, registration of which has already begun. Open preliminaries will be held over two days (from 17 to 18 September) on Faceit platform. The number of slots is limited to 256. Regulation of qualifications, information on the timing of, and the registration form are presented on the official website of the event.

Accurate information about the location of LAN-Event Northern Arena BEAT Invitational was not made public. In English, the event will studio lighting Moonduck. It is worth noting that for the Canada Cup organizers in the face of the company BEAT Gaming will be the first experience of LAN-tournament.

It is worth recalling that in early September, the organizers of the "Northern Arena" has held the championship for the discipline Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it turned out to be less than spectacular because it was covered to a greater extent for the English-speaking community. By the way, the only representative of the European region were "Heroic".