The Alliance and the forthcoming composition of the Dota 2?

07 September 2016

There is reason to believe that the community yesterday became known the names of players who have the potential to become new members of "The Alliance". Fully one national structure with the participation of the two remaining members of this team has been registered in the qualifying rounds WESG in "Sweden" region.

To pass these qualifications Jonathan "Loda" Berg and Jerry "EGM" Lyundkvist join forces with people who are well known in the community Dota 2. The exception is one of Mickey "NinjaMicke" Nguin: seventeen year old player who recently moved to the discipline of Dota 2 Heroes of Newerth. Most often NinjaMicke plays Meader.

Another participant "Team_Team" - it was the name registered for the Swedes WESG - is a former member of "sompLexity Gaming", Simon "Handsken" Haag. After the departure of the American organization "Handsken" decided to continue his career in Europe.

Concludes five Jonas "jonassomfan" Lindholm - a former member of the "Ninjas in Pyjamas". After the collapse of "NiP", "jonassomfan" I changed a lot of bands, but none of them has proved itself on the professional stage.

The roster is there T_T reserve player. This position was taken by Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg, who was recently expelled from the "Evil Geniuses" at the official Team registration page. It is unknown whether zai free agent in real life, since the organization EG still not commented on the dismantling of the collective.

Since WESG regulation states that the competition can participate teams of formation on a national basis, the team said featuring Loda & EGM is not necessarily a new composition of the Alliance. However, the listed players - are the first candidates to join the ranks of champions The International.