Paradoxical outcome StarLadder S2 matches for the first day of Group C. Despite the loud statements by leaders

07 September 2016

Thus, the second season StarLadder i-League StarSeries with a budget of $ 300,000 dollars was launched in the capital of Ukraine. Preview StarLadder S2 of the tournament you can see in our review: Preview StarLadder S2 tournament you can also see in our review: Kyiv hosts. Preview SL i-League StarSeries S2 tournament

Today I would like to talk about the loud statement of one of the Astralis' Danish team players before the game and what came of it. We are talking about the player Peter "dupreeh" Rothmann.

Peter is 23 years old, he is a Dane and a key player in the fashion CSGO-team. The last of the Major Valve ESL One: Cologne in 2016 had surgery after the infection of the appendix and could not finish the coveted tournament. dupreeh repeatedly was chosen the best CSGO-player in the world by HLTV. The last time was the 12th in 2015. And in 2014 - the 16th. The growth and greatness obvious, and huge appetites.

Peter dupreeh with a mysterious expression

In a short summary on the official website of Peter "dupreeh" Rothmann modestly calls himself "a great entry fragger and experienced aimer" (the role of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and promises in the near future become a player №1.

dupreeh vs Fnatic @ MLG Columbus 2016 tournament

The team Astralis, which is on the "crest of the wave" from the time of qualifying for the ESL One New York (winning 1st place) - just need to beat two teams of three: Natus Vincere, Heroic or TyLoo in the group stage StarLadder S2 in Kyiv. So no more - no less, it sounds almost verbatim quote from the reference to the fans on the official website of the sports organization. And this despite the fact that Natus Vincere, for example, on line 1 above in HLTV rating. Yes, and the team's clear advantage "native land" and a new player "s1mple" has the rank 7th place. And not tomorrow, not promises, and now in the same ranking, where Peter wants to show everyone "gruel".

We quote on the official website:

"NaVi, which will be supported by the fans, mostly as a member of the Ukrainians will be a bit in the group stage.
Right now I do not think there is a team that I'm afraid in this way - only one I'm afraid it is, we are Astralis ".

We are Astralis, the first ever organisation to be co-owned by the players in the esports industry #ToTheStars

In spite of all these splendor words and promises, Astralis (№6 in the world CSGO) blew Heroic (№11) with a score of 13:16 in the first match StarLadder i-League StarSeries to Kiev fertile ground. And 9 September will play against Natus Vincere. To wish you good luck, I do not know;).

Yuri Donchenko