ESL entered into cooperation with interesting companies. Stadiums will be involved in the championships

10 September 2016

Yesterday the ESL - organizer of the largest eSports tournament with almost impeccable reputation - announced the launch of a long-term partnership with the investment group Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns a huge number of stadiums and other sports facilities around the world. Worldwide influence AEG allow ESL to expand geographical coverage and its ability to carry out an offline qualifications and quality LAN-the events.

As already mentioned, in the AEG network includes tens or even hundreds of different clubs, arenas and stadiums, as well as the concert and conference venues in many cities around the world. The long list includes stadiums, with international recognition:. «O2 Arena" in London, "Mercedes-Benz Arena" in Shanghai, "Barclays Center" in New York, "Key Arena" in Seattle, etc. Full list of objects presented to the AEG official site.

Some of the stadiums mentioned above have already been involved for eSports tournaments. "Mercedes-Benz Arena" hosted The Shanghai Major, and "Key arena" has repeatedly held The International - the largest e-sports championship in the size of the prize fund.

"Both organizations are aimed at carrying out the best activities for fans around the world Together we will create a new game events that will unite the community and praise the players, teams and leagues -. Bob Newman, president of AEG Facilities.

Anschutz Entertainment Group is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of sports and entertainment. In addition to the set of sports facilities under the control of AEG are major sports clubs, including football team, "Los Angeles Galaxy" and the hockey club "Los Angeles Kings".