WESG: Swedish teams enter the battle [Dota 2]

10 September 2016

September 9 at 20:00 GMT starts qualifications Sweden WESG. Jonathan compositions «Loda» represented among the eight contenders Berg, Joachim «Akke» Akteralla and Elias «Sealkid» Murtagh

Swedish qualifications will take place in the grid Single Elimination format of eight teams. Compositions from Sweden will compete with each other for the final two slots of the European region WESG 2016 which will involve another 18 teams that have passed training in other parts of Europe.

Current players The Alliance Jonathan «Loda» Berg with Jerry «EGM» Lundqvist assembled a team of "Team_Team" for this tournament. They were joined by former players Ninjas in Pyjamas - Lindholm «jonassomfan» Jonas and Haag «Handsken» Simon. Fifth participant structure was a former player in the Heroes of Newerth - Mika «NinjaMicke» nueno.

Gustav «s4» Joakim Magnusson and «Akke» Akterall also gathered mix for the tournament. It is called "Horde". In addition to the two former members of The Alliance, it includes a member of the team "Team Doge" Joseph «Solitude» kataba, former player "compLexity Gaming" Linus «Limmp» Blomdin and register as stendina The Alliance in 2015. Axel «Pablo» Kalman.

Another well-known name in the list of players is Elias «Sealkid» Murtha, a former player "NiP". The team consists of his teammate on the "Team Doge" Aiden «iNsania» Sarkoi, Prodota Gaming member Linus «Kefka» Blekerta and two players "Team Toast".

World Electronic Sports Games - a major tournament for the mono-ethnic fives on the Dota 2 and CS: GO, as well as players in the StarCraft II and Hearthstone with a prize fund of $ 5 000 000. According to the results of the two stages of regional qualifying determined the participants of the Chinese LAN-finals, which will compete with each a $ 3.7 million in December.