SpyleadeR left part of Mortal Kombat because of a conflict with a partner [CS:GO]

10 September 2016

Bulgarian player Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov left the ranks of the team Mortal Kombat. He said this after his team lost in the open qualification for the festival Game Evolution 2016.

"After the final ESEA GC S22, our relations have deteriorated in the team, lost understanding. In addition, we have lost the selection of the LAN-event that will take place at home in Bulgaria, with the result that I got a lot of abuse in the address of dream3r`a. I always supported this man in the past, but his act, he showed that did not deserve it. I am ready to continue to play with this team besides dream3r`a, but for now I'll Search for a new team and I wish good luck nkl, v1c7or and bubble! " - HLTV said Emiliyan "spyleadeR" Dimitrov.

Cybersportman said that the problems in the team began after winning the ESEA Season 22: Global Premier Challenge, and a defeat in the open qualifying tournament for the festival Game Evolution 2016 only aggravated the situation. Another important reason for leaving become a bad relationship with one of the teammates, Simeon «dream3r» Ganev.

Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov played for Mortal Kombat on 19 September, 2014. During this time, the composition of the three times he played under the tag MK, and replaced more than one organization.

In the nearest plans of the Bulgarian player enters a break in 5-10 days, after which it will start to look for the command to continue his career. He intends to get into such a composition, which will be involved in all the major tournaments, including major-championship.

Current members of Mortal Kombat:

Simeon «dream3r» Ganev

Nicholas «nkl» Krastev

Kamen «bubble» Kostadinov

Victor «v1c7oR» Dyankov