B1ad3: "I believe that the opportunity to manage the game, actually being the sixth member of the five, he introduces an imbalance"

10 September 2016

After exiting the playoffs LAN-finals of the second season of SL i-League StarSeries Andrew «B1ad3» Gorodensky spoke about the decisive match with FaZe Clan and preparing for the tournament in an interview HLTV.org. On the relation between individual skill and strategic component, as well as many other things - in our material.

Match with FaZe Clan

"We are not as confident as shooting-1 team. FaZe knows how to punish opponents for errors at the beginning of games, and the players were able to punish us. The first side is formed on de_train bad: guys knew what to do, but the execution suffered. The second half went better, but several rounds taken enough against this opponent. However, the guys realize that this is only the first map and that we will play better. This happened, for example, during a meeting with the Ninjas in Pyjamas on ESL One Cologne 2016.

It's great that a second map was de_nuke, because most of the teams wins back uncertainly for terrorists. To win, you need to control the map, no matter what. Alas, before the change of sides, we have given a few jokes because of silly mistakes. It was then decided to focus on pistoletke: Five of all the scenarios discussed, and WorldEdit killed three on the ramp. There was a turning point, and the next we've got to finish the card. The team knew the mistakes that allowed our opponents to de_cache, so we re-started for the terrorists. Won 5 rounds in a row to turn our heads: if during de_train people virtually silent, then on the last card comrades talked too much. Nevertheless, we were able to calm down and finish the job. "

On the prohibition of coaches to communicate with clients during matches

"I believe that the opportunity to manage the game, actually being the sixth member of the five, introduces an imbalance. I worked with HellRaisers at DreamHack Winter 2014. It's very simple, if you understand the CS: GO and prepare their own strategies. Information about the opponent when the adjusted communications - 51% success rate. I think that Valve law. Yes, the decision of the corporation suffered Na'Vi G2A and Ninjas in Pyjamas, but few such cases. At the same Ukrainians have young guys like seized'a who are able to control the composition of the match. "

The plans for the future

"Our goal - to get better before the nearest major-tournament, which will take place early next year. It will be difficult, but the team wants to make the most of the remaining months. Yes, we have the status of "Legends", but others are ready to challenge him. I want to become a stable quintet. How? It will take time and effort. Look at SK Gaming: they are not included even in the top ten teams of the world, but we beat on ESL One Cologne in 2015 and began the ascent to the top. Brazilians have worked hard and eventually won two major-tournament. Everything comes with time, if not to be lazy. I think, as in any sport. "