Sylar has announced the upcoming composition LGD Gaming for the new season

10 September 2016

A few hours ago Lou "Maybe" Yao announced the new composition of his team. Club Managers are not lied when they said that the new roster "LGD Gaming" will be built around the player, with which the organization under any circumstances does not want to leave - a contract with "Maybe" concluded until 2019, "LGD" reject all offers of his redemption. Sources say that "Maybe" personally involved in the selection of new players into the team.

Stars and veterans of the Chinese eSports scene "Maybe" rather young and promising players. Participants of the "LGD Gaming" in the new season were former members of the "Youth" composition "CDEC" (some players izCDEC.Youth): Chen "Xz" Zezzi, Wang "Ame" Chen Chunyu and "Victoria" Guanhong. Concludes five completely obscure rookie alias 爆炸 气. Perhaps more than ever, he did not act in the top professional teams. In addition, he had the MMR high, do not know anything about it.

With regard to the roles. The first position (Kerry) takes "Ame", the second (Foreign Ministry) - "Maybe"; rookie will play on a complex line, and two of the remaining players (Xz & Victoria) went to a support role.

If the information is confirmed, it means that the current composition of the participants LGD Gaming - among them Zhang "xiao8" Ning and Hue "September" Dzhichuan - or will be transferred to other groups, or completely cease to compete. Chan "Agressif" Jeng before everyone left part of the registration page - probably he had already found his new teammates. Leia "MMY!" Zengrong, in turn, will make a six-month break in his career.

The transfer window ends on 18 September. The appointed day all teams must complement their rosters and to register on the official site. Who does not have time - will be deprived of potential, invite to Major-fall event.