Developer Smite banned European team of a salary of 1 dollar

12 September 2016

Smite's developer a company Hi-Rez Studios ban Paradigm team to participate in all competitions, which are held under its auspices. This decision was taken against the backdrop of media reports that the management of sports organizations is forcing players to sign contracts with the sum of salaries of $ 1.

Smite.Paradigm players

After several unsuccessful attempts to establish relations between the central office and its European Paradigm Roster Smite, representatives of Hi-Rez Studios barred the team from participating in Smite-tournament Pro League slot and gave the organization directly to players.

Correspondence with the manager of the team Paradigm Lydia Picknell published a player Jeroen "Xaliea" Claver Klaver, which acts on the ship solo position. It Lydia Picknell informs players that allegedly sports organization should the Government of Canada $ 8,000 dollars in taxes. And in such a situation "will be professionally and honestly, if the organization has earned the right to be or die." In addition, professional players would have to deduct in Paradigm half of its revenue from the streams. Picknell offered new contracts gamers on 6 September.

"The Paradigm demanded from the players to sign contracts terribly unfavorable conditions"

In the Hi-Rez Studios announced that according to the rules of the competition, "the Paradigm demanded from the players to sign contracts terribly unfavorable conditions." Smite.Paradigm Captain Emil "Lawbster" Evensen recounted the words of the representative of the organization's management David Fry, that "or you will sign a contract today or will not play. It's simple!".

"Either you sign the contract today or will not play. It's simple!"

As a result, representatives of Hi-Rez Studios have begun an internal investigation on the matter and was suspended from the Paradigm team competitions Smite Pro League. The next day, Paradigm release published a statement in which they "will no longer take part in any competition Smite in the future."

At the end of 2015 on the roster Paradigm Smite won 4th place in the tournament SMITE Pro League Season 2 Spring Finals and earned for the sports organization $ 10,000 dollars.

Yuri Donchenko