MPGL Tournament - Execration champions

12 September 2016

Today, in Selangor, Malaysia, the LAN-finals ended "MPGL SEA Championship". The tournament, which was held from 9 to 11 September, was attended by 10 Asian teams.

"MPGL" turned out to be a very interesting event, as all the top teams have already managed to create their own new compositions and showed what they are capable. In four of the strongest hit "Execration", "MVP Phoenix", "Mineski" and "Fnatic".


Group stage: eight teams divided into two groups (Fnatic and MVP Phoenix hit once in the play-off stage); all games are best-of-1; first place in the top group are net of the playoffs, 2nd and 3rd places in the net losers.

Playoff stage: mesh double-elimination (this means that the team will be competing in the two networks, the winners will play in the top of the net, losing teams will try to get to the grand final via the lower grid; the first three rounds of the bottom grid best-of -1, the remaining matches best-of-3.

In MPGL SEA grand final and met Execration MVP Phoenix. Filipinos showed unusually skillovuyu and team play throughout the tournament, the final battle was no exception, and they literally crushed his opponents for the two cards, a total of 40 minutes.

The distribution of the prize pool of $ 50,000:

1st place - Execration (Philippines) - $ 30,000

2nd place - MVP Phoenix (Korea) - $ 10,000

3rd place - Mineski (Philippines) - $ 3,000

4th place - Fnatic (Malaysia) - $ 1,600

5-6 places - Power Gaming (Malaysia), WG Unity (Malaysia) - $ 1,200

7-8 places - Tangerine (Philippines), Signature.TrusT (Thailand) - $ 1,000

9-10 places - White Fries Gaming (Malaysia), EHOME.Keen (China) - $ 500