Smike left composition HellRaisers. DeadFox replace him [CS:GO]

15 September 2016

HellRaisers reported that the team will leave, Sergei "smike" Sklyarenko, who played in the August of this year, immediately after the departure of oskar`a in mousesports. Together with the team, Smike had time to act on StarSeries, which has completed participation in the group stage, losing NiP and dignitas in meetings SP1 questionnaires. The official reason for the replacement Ukrainian became poor communication in English and a "personal level of play."

"Last time we had a difficult period. Many ofitsialok an important LAN-tournament and a mini bootcamp. We practiced a lot, and try to win every match in which participated. But in the course of work, we realized that Sergei still need a long time to . accept communication in English, not to mention the increase in the personal level of the game when it comes to important matches, make a decision and communicate the need to quickly and accurately - depends on the fate of each round, and not their native language to do it doubly difficult therefore.. was the decision to say goodbye to him and take the test period the player who more than a year playing in the international team I sincerely wish Sergey success, I hope the experience gained during the performance of HellRaisers help him grow into a major player. "- commented substitute Ivan" Johnta "Shevtsov, coach HR.

A new player in the HellRaisers become young Hungarian - Bence "DeadFox" Borotts who managed to play for such teams as Orgless and Escape Gaming, which has established itself as a good and stable player. Newbie team adopted for a trial period, after which a decision on signing it to the main roster. The new composition, HellRaisers play today in a match against Astralis, within the ESL Pro League.

Actual composition HellRaisers:

Kirill "ANGE1" Karasev

Vladislav "bondik" Nechiporchuk

Martin "STYKO" Stick

Patrick "Zero" Zhudel

Bence "DeadFox" Borotts