Invictus Gaming left without a prize Major All Stars

15 September 2016

On his Facebook page Chinese Invictus Gaming club complained to the organizers of last year's LAN-tournament called Major All Stars. The competition took place about half a year ago, and the winners - Invictus Gaming - still have not received their prizes! Winning iG was $ 50.390.

In his address to the community Invictus Gaming led some chronology of events: since the team won the championship, which took place in March 2015, iG has repeatedly contacted the organizers of the Event. Every time negotiations ended with an agreement to postpone the date of payment of winnings, even though it was initially agreed that the prize will be paid in full within five months of the end of the tournament.

By the end of July 2016 the organizers of the club paid about a quarter of the amount of the put. At the same time it was agreed that the remaining three-quarters will be transferred to the bank accounts of the players to the September 9, 2016. It is not difficult to guess the appointed day Invictus Gaming did not receive the promised money, instead Major All Stars again postponed the date of payment for 1 month.

At this point, patience is exhausted representatives of iG: the club has decided to openly tell the community about the unfairness of the organizers Major All Stars.

A few words should be said about the tournament. Major All Stars went down in history as one of the flops eSports tournaments: the people responsible for his conduct, have proved to be extremely incompetent organizers. There is no guarantee that the winners of the championship will receive the prize at all. By the way, the second place in the competition won team Team Empire. It is not known if the Imperials got their share of the prize ($ 16.796).