WorldEdit: "Sometimes the mood of the players too much influence on the in-game communication"

15 September 2016

FlipSid3 Ukrainian team at the tournament lasted SLTV I-League StarSeries for CS: GO longer than other members of the CIS, after leaving the competition in the quarter-finals. However, for advanced and ambitious players, this result can be considered a failure. One of the most stable team shooters George «WorldEdit» Yaskin shared his impressions of the events and told about the imminent visit to Bucharest at DreamHack tournament

- Are you satisfied with the result and the quality of its games during the "Starserii" in Kiev?

- I am dissatisfied with the result of their own, as well as the result of the team. There were a lot of mistakes. We know that we could play a lot better, but unfortunately, something went wrong.

Sam held the tournament at the highest level, the organizers tried. If there were any questions, they quickly resolved. Also great food and other trifles brightens very impressed. I would also like to note that the level of support we have received from the fans in the hall. It is impossible to describe how it is nice when the guys with placards in their hands chanting the name of your team.

- Argued that Flipside - this team mood. During the group stage, "Starserii" you lose two cards Faze team and won the two cards. The same game was rough with Cloud9. What is the cause of such instability?

- It's a complicated question, even for us. I agree that our games turn out too different in quality. Sometimes the mood of the players too much influence on the in-game communication, which in turn, is reflected in the result of the team. In other words, we do not always get to demonstrate the fighting spirit.

- If you believe the statistics, HLTV, you are the most stable player of the team. As far as statistics figures are important to you and how much they really reflect a player's strength?

- Personally, these numbers do not mean anything to me, and in general they have little to show. Yes, the poor player is usually a lot of frags does. But in different teams, each reveals itself in different ways: one is not so much to kill, the other will be revealed to the full. Everything depends on the style and the team as a player in it. In our "playmaker" team is Andrew "Blad3" Gorodensky regardless of frags and other indicators. It builds our game.

- Tell me, how do you spend time between tournaments. Performed some parsing errors?

- Free time we can not get enough. Usually we only between tournaments and preparing for new competitions. Errors after SLTV we dismantled immediately. I returned to Moscow, and tomorrow you need to take off the next DreamHack tournament in Bucharest.

- How difficult is involved in two major tournaments in a row?

- Not hard. It is always good when a lot of tournaments. Even tired of overshooting is not particularly felt when it comes to such interesting games.

- What do you think about the results of the draw at DreamHack?

- We're going to win, and we do not care who we will be in a group. We have avoided a meeting with, but so what? This, of course, one of the best teams in the world, but the latter have not asked a tournament. Cloud9 same, which we play, looks very good. We have a great desire to get even with them for the defeat on "Starserii".

- Their legendary player Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert are not afraid?

- In the end, the game has only models, which should be killed. You just have to ignore the fact that this is a living legend from the time CS 1.6, and just play.

- In Danish teams are very tough fight for the first place in the country: Who will win and who continue to be held. Is there something like the teams from the CIS?

- I can not say that there are some special rivalry with our other teams. All of us were slightly in Kiev and should be rehabilitated. As for the Danes, it is easier to show themselves on the European "lans". In the CIS, a lot of teams, but few tournaments where they can demonstrate their skills, young team. About visa problems, I generally keep quiet.

- Do you set yourself some goal before the end of this year? What would you like to achieve?

- We have one goal - to win. I would like to finally win a big tournament full!