BuLba again in the Team Liquid. "The most beautiful memories about DotA connected with Liquid"

17 September 2016

Sam "BuLba" Sosale (Kanishka "Sam" Sosale) in the past The International 2016 he played in the "secret" Team Secret, but after 2 months of stay on the team went to the former team Team Liquid. For the "liquid", he played two and a half years in 2012-2014.

Sam in T-shirt of Team Secret

Sam Sosale - Indo-American origin. He was 25 years old and was in the leading clubs of the world. Sam began his professional career in 2011 at the age of 20 and after six months he was in the legendary American team Evil Geniuses. For Evil Geniuses, he has played four years later in 2016. After the Evil Geniuses - the first entry into the Team Liquid (2012-2014 gg.). Also noted in BuLba mousesports (Germany) and Digital Chaos (USA). Before the start of The International in 2016, he played the position in Offlaner Team Secret. And now he is back in Liquid and seems to be very happy about it. In an interview with the Western edition of the e-sports Sam talked about the "inner currents of life" in teams, where he had visited recently.

"All of my best memories of DotA have roots in Liquid"

After the second transition in the Team Liquid he was offered to play the uncharacteristic position of Support. This is certainly a challenge, but for the seasoned gamer, it is not the main problem. Veteran eSports over the last year has replaced a number of teams, like no other in the world.

"I think playing tech support, be able to apply the skills that I have gained over the last year. I think it will play fine on tech support positions in all the characters."

The player said that the Evil Geniuses at Epicenter in Moscow, the team members began to carry each their own game, there was even some hostility within the team. "Everyone was waiting for the end Major in Manila to eventually disperse.

BuLba centered in the team Evil Geniuses

Personal differences in the team, according to Sem BuLba, also was characterized and while playing for Team Secret.

"It's probably something common in my former teams. Personal hostility and conflict"

Although the tournament StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 team took second place, losing in the Finals Natus Vincere 1:3, the player felt only worsening the problems. "The team does not tolerate defeat. Things got much worse. The game has become unbearable." And after a poor performance at The International 6 team completely collapsed.

BuLba's trophies for many years of professional career

"I really want to play with Kuro, MATUMBAMAN and Mind_Control (players Team Liquid). I do not know who will play for midder. But I really want to play with these three."

Yuri Donchenko