Evil Geniuses announced the final season for Dota 2

17 September 2016

A few hours ago the coveted announcement, which Dota 2 community awaited from the beginning reshaffla - "Evil Geniuses" unveiled its new composition.

Besides Clinton "Fear" Lumiza, who ended his career, but remained in the coach positions in the organization, Evil Geniuses also lost his permanent captain Peter "ppd" Daguerre. In an official press release said that "ppd" with the role of a professional player in Dota 2 moved to a position associated with the brand management "Evil Geniuses". More details to clarify the role of Peter in the organization of "EG" promised in the near future.

New captain "evil geniuses" became the double champion of Major-tournaments, a former member of "Team OG", Andreas Frank "Cr1t-" Nielsen. Following the Danish roster to join the notorious Arthur "Arteezy" Babayev - for the second time Arthur changes colors "Team Secret" in the form of the American team. Three other members Evil Geniuses were members of the former roster: Side Samael "SumaiL" Hassan, CAAX "UNiVeRsE" Arora and Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg.

With the distribution of roles in the team it is all pretty obvious: Arteezy got the first position (Kerry), Suma1L - second (mid); Universe will continue to play a complex line and Cr1t & zai will act out the role of a support.

The official announcement said that in the near future (within the next weeks) updated structure Evil Geniuses will have a chance to show themselves on the LAN-tournament.

Before the end of the transfer period, only a little less than two days.

The final composition of Evil Geniuses:

Caahil "Universe" Arorra

Sumail "Sumail" Hassan

Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg

Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen