Finals ESL Pro League S4 changed [CS:GO]

17 September 2016

The final part of the season 4 ESL Pro League starts on October 26, Sao Paulo (Brazil). The first three days will be held behind closed doors, where the team will play the group stage, and desider-matches and the playoffs will be held at the stage of the audience, the sports complex Ginásio do Ibirapuera. 4 season prize pool of $ 750,000.

Just yesterday, the Council established players at WESA, has introduced the changes in the format of the finals of the Pro League. In the competition for the first time will be twelve teams participating, instead of the traditional eight, and I mean every region will be represented by six teams. In addition, the players proposed to change the format of the group stage. Teams will be divided into two groups, which will play against each other matches bo1. The leaders of each group will be in the semi-final play-offs, while the second and third place - in the quarter-finals.

"The scene is now much more competitive than ever. And that is why we thought it natural to expand the tournament of this magnitude, to enable more teams to take part in it. The ESL accepted the offer players the Council, we are very happy and we hope that the community appreciated appreciate it. " - Said Victor "vuggo" Zhendebi, Chairman of the Board of WESA players.

Provisional timetable for the ESL Pro League finals:

Group Stage, on October 26:

16:30 Group A 1-5 BO1

23:00 Group B 1-5 BO1

Group Stage, on October 27:

16:30 Group A 6-9 BO3

21:45 Group B 6-9 BO3

Group Stage, on October 28:

16:30 A group of 10-15 BO3

23:00 Group B 10-15 BO3

Stage of the playoffs, 29 October:

16:30 Desider-BO3 matches

21:00 Quarterfinal # 1 BO3

00:30 Quarterfinal # 2 BO3

Final, October 30:

16:30 Semi-final # 1 BO3

21:00 Semi-final # 2 BO3

00:30 Grand Final