Team Liquid announced its membership for the coming season [Dota 2]

17 September 2016

Amer «Miracle-» al-Barkawi became part of Monkey Business in August 2015. Two months later, a new team Tal «Fly» and Isaac Johan «n0tail» Sundshtayna enlisted the support and changed its name to OG. The team won The Frankfurt Major in 2015, and The Manila Major in 2016, but only took place on 9-12 The International 2016.

Kanishka Sam «BuLba» Soseyl started the season 2015-2016 in the Digital Chaos. Five of failed to qualify for the major-tournament in Frankfurt and Shanghai, and Evil Geniuses BuLba accepted an invitation to replace the departed Team Secret CAAX «UNiVeRsE» Arora. "Evil genius" and a team of Clement "Puppey" Ivanov flew from The Manila Major in 2016 in the first round of the lower grid, and compositions changed offleynerami soon. Team Secret completed the World Championship on the line 13-16.

5jungz The team was formed in August 2015. It was headed by Kuro «KuroKy» Tahasomi Salehi, who left Team Secret after an unsuccessful performance at The International 2015. Two months later, Team Liquid signed the first in the history of the organization of a European structure for Dota 2. Last season, won the Five Dota 2 Champions League Season 6, The Defense 5 and EPICENTER: Moscow, and stopped in one step from victory on The Shanghai Major in 2016, and The Manila Major 2016. Team Liquid has entered the eight strongest on TI6. August 31, Jesse «JerAx» Vainikka joined the OG, and September 2 Meader Adrian Team «FATA-» Trinks announced the decision to take a break from the professional scene.

The composition of the Team Liquid for the upcoming season:

Lasse «Matumbaman» Urpalaynen

Amer «Miracle-» al-Barkawi

Ivan «MinD_ContRoL» Borislav

Kuro «KuroKy» Salehi Tahasomi

Kanishka Sam «BuLba» Soseyl