Update CS:GO dated September 17

17 September 2016

Introduced more accurate model setup location at the sight of a third party with respect to the first, important changes the mechanics of the squat, fixes bugs grenades, sniper rifles, new sounds, minor fixes to de_cache and lag compensation system (the best matching results for hitboxes model).


- The camera in the first person players, observers and those who watch the replay - do not give more than to rise above the location of the head at the sight of a third person. This is to prevent the possibility of playing in the first person from the point of view above the head when viewed from a third party.

- When the camera from a first-person player switches to a third-shooting of both customer locations, as well as on the server side - also adjusted to display accurate shooting trajectory.

- If for any reason during a third-person animation player lowers his head below view camera in the first person, the camera view from the first client face is also reduced in order to remain at or below the height of their heads displayed when a third person.

- Now, if dropped from a height of a player model will be slightly squat. Time recovery model to full standing position from a sitting position depends on the height from which it was falling, as well as what time the model is in the air. The same animation is worked out in the form of a third person.

- System anti-spam on the squat has been redesigned, and now uses the speed reduction, rather than the registration number of pressing keys sit. As before, the more often the player crouches down, the slower it will stand or squat below. But will now be taken into account and a bug that players enjoy adding a little movement to the sides.

- In the form of first and third person squats speed has become more interconnected. From a third party player drops more quickly to meet, sit-ups at a rate in the first person.

- Squatting now has a more subtle animation settings that make the model less visible head of a third party.

- Molotovs more fumes do not stop that reveals much lower them, so it is now possible to generate smoke shack on Nuke and throw Molotov to the top of the cabin or smoke on the balcony floor.

- Molotovs no longer interrupted by Smokey, who are above the level of the fire.

- Molotovs no longer apply under the closed door.

- Smoke grenades are no longer stuck in the clip player when they extinguish the flames, bouncing off the walls.


- To increase the naturalness of firing sounds for AWP, SSG 08, G3SG1 and SCAR-20.

- Changed the sound of gunfire, choice and recharge for the SSG 08, G3SG1 and SCAR-20.

- Sounds of shots with AWP, SSG 08, G3SG1 and SCAR-20 no longer come only from one point on the map where the shot was fired, and carefully spread harmoniously around.


- Updated de_cache to the latest version, the correction of errors.


- The system of compensation for the lag will now reliably restore the parameters of the position responsible for the animation flows, which gives the best fit hitboxes, on the server side lag compensated for players. It also should eliminate the moments when you are shooting in the player model, but the server does not count hit.

- Fixed bug in processing delay compensation.