Invictus Gaming announced the composition for the coming season [Dota 2]

17 September 2016

Xu «BurNIng» Chzhiley joined the team Invictus Gaming, what became known compositions online registration for the new season. Previously, the Internet already available information that the Chinese player will join the ranks of iG. The last vacant places were taken by Fu «Q» Bin and Ou «Op» Peng.

The first hearing that Xu «BurNIng» Chzhiley return to Invictus Gaming, appeared on 5 September. Then on it published a screenshot of a list of prospective players iG. The message in this screenshot was taken from the Chinese social networking site. Chzhileyya In addition, there were registered Wong «ChuaN» Hock Chuan Luo «Ferrari_430» Feychi, Zeng «Faith» Hund and Bai «rOtK» Fan. Many users have found a message in the screenshot fake. And whether it is justified by a decision by Hsu "Burning" Chzhileya. Make emphasis on young players will see in the next championships.

A week later, said Bai «rOtK» Fan shared some information about the upcoming changes in the Chinese scene. One of the points was the accession to the Invictus Gaming Xu «BurNIng» Chzhileya. Fan also said that if the latter would agree to join the iG, it ranks teams may join and Luo «Ferrari_430» Feychi. This information was not confirmed.

The last two places in Invictus Gaming took Fu «Q» Binh, a former player of CDEC, and Oy «Op» Pang, who had previously served as a reserve in iG Vitality.

On September 15, the composition also returned Lin «Xxs» Jin and E «BoBoKa» Chzhibyao.

Current members of Invictus Gaming:

Lin «Xxs» Jin

E «BoBoKa» Chzhibyao

Xu «BurNIng» Chzhiley

Fu «Q» Binh