Dreamhack Bucharest: FlipSid3 first left the championship

17 September 2016

A few days ago ended the match, the participants of which were made by Gambit Gaming and Team EnVyUS. The format was a best of 3 (two wins). Stronger were the guys from France.

Gambit and EnVyUS after losing the first game day, today would have to determine who will pass on, and who will complete the performance at the championship. Recall that Gambit Gaming conceded Virtus.pro, while EnVyUS could not cope with the Heroic.

By the way, the match with the participation of the five French, both teams showed equal game. The standoff ended only on stage 6 more rounds.

The game between Gambit Gaming and EnVyUS, the first card was cbble, where the Russian team was repeatedly beaten the French, but not this time. Good attack EnVyUS shown on this map, ending the first half with a score of 13:02. After the change of sides in the fight began it turn on Russian players were able to make a small comeback in the 12 rounds, but it was not enough.

The second card (cache - choice "Team EnVyUS") stood out less spectacular, with a score of 16:07 French confidently took the card into his piggy bank.

Thus the French today again play with Heroic format - best of 3. The best team after the match will take place in the play-off, where they are expected to Cloud9. Gambit Gaming finished performance at this event.

The teams are:


Aleksandr "Shara" Gordeev

Egor "Markeloff" Markelov

Gregory "WorldEdit" Yaskin

Yang "Waylander" Rahkonen

Andrew "B1ad3" Gorodensky

Team EnVyUS:

Kenni "kennys" Shrab

Timothy "Devil" Demolon

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt

Vincent "Happy" Cervone

Dan "apex" Madeskler